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My name is Alexandria Sure. Clearly!! So, what is this and why am I doing this?!?  This is my new accountability blog. Though I hesitate to use the word ‘blog’ as it will not be the traditional blog for a few reasons. First, I am NOT going to spend time editing what I type and that is going to annoy a shit ton of you as I need an editor for basic emails. My goal is to be as candid as possible and editing takes away from that. Second, I am going to talk about my weight loss journey but I am going to attempt to dig a bit deeper here and really explore my fears (YES, THERE ARE FEARS) regarding losing weight. Last, I am going to eventually discuss sex and relationships as an overweight person. I will need a bit of time to become comfortable writing on this platform before I open my life up completely so bare with me.

Some background:

I have been huge all of my life. On June of 2014, a party was thrown in my honor to celebrate my graduation from an MBA program. It was a difficult program and I was really proud of my accomplishment. I got my hair and make-up done, purchased a cute new outfit and was feeling fantastic. After the party, my brother showed me the pictures he had taken during the party and I burst into tears. I could not believe how big I looked in the pictures. I didn’t feel as big as I looked.

I called to make a doctors’ appointment the following Monday. I needed to stop or I was going to die. I needed help. I decided right then and there, looking at the digital pictures at the conclusion of my party, it was time to make a change. It was not a moment too soon … at the doctor’s office, I tipped the scale at 461lbs. Again, there were tears.

Fast-forward two years: I have dropped a total of 144lbs. and hit a wall. Now, I am fluctuating between 324lbs and 339lbs. I have stumbled off my eating regiment. Wait … stumble is the completely wrong word. Abandoned my food regiment is more accurate. My exercise is more miss than hit. Old habits have returned that I worked my ass off to put behind me.

Soooooo … why am I putting all of my private weight shit out online for all or no one to read? ACCOUNTABILITY!!!!!!!!!! I am hitting the reset button TODAY. I am taking you with me. The good. The bad. The ups and downs.

I do not foresee this blog being about ‘what I am eating’, ‘what I am doing for exercise’, ‘how much water I am drinking per day?’ as I believe most of us know what needs to be done to lose weight. This will be a window into the fears, struggles, and success along my weight loss journey.

Well, that’s it for now. More soon.


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  1. Richelle Renae says:

    Would you please at least read your material out loud once before you hit “Post?” PLEASE?! Much love to you in this continued adventure. I wish you the very best! You are strong. You are smart. You are beautiful. You got this!


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